Vetericyn Plus Poultry Care is a wound care agent formulated with advanced hypochlorous technology. It is designed to clean cuts, pecking sores, scratches, and abrasions safely and effectively while helping wounds heal.

Made by a conscientious company that works to develop and produce safe and non-toxic animal healthcare products, Vetericyn Plus can help save expensive vet-prescribed medicine costs. Wound care is simple but efficient with the use of Vetericyn Plus spray.

The spray contains no steroids or antibiotics, making it safe for hatchlings as well as chickens and roosters. No need to worry about chickens ingesting the spray because it is non-toxic, non-steroidal, and completely safe.

Vetericyn Plus is also safe for laying hens. Because the product contains nothing harmful, there is no need to discard eggs during or after treatment. No waiting period is necessary.

The spray's pH levels are balanced so there is no stinging or burning at the application site. It can be used safely around a chicken's head because it will not harm ears, eyes, or beaks. It can also be used as an eye or ear wash.

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