Vetafarm Wild Earth replicates the natural diet of Lorikeets and has been formulated by Nutritionists and Avian Veterinarians to ensure palatability and optimal nutrition. Made with natural energy sources such as Bee Pollen, Blueberries and Dates, and refined into a fine powder that can be given as either a wet or dry mix. May be fed as a dry mix directly from the package or as a wet mix when blended with water. The dry formula mirrors natural pollen, whereas the wet has the consistency of delicious flower nectar. Wild Earth is complete and balanced diet, optimally making up 80% of your Lorikeet's diet, with the remaining 15-20% consisting of fresh fruit and vegetables with optional treats. 

Made from only the highest quality ingredients such as Fresh Fruits, Essential Vitamins and Minerals, Low Gi Carbohydrates, Western Australian Eucalyptus Bee Pollen and Chicory Root Extract. Western Australian Bee Pollen is a natural form of Amino Acid which helps feather development and brain function and Chicory Root Extract supports Lorikeets digestive and immune systems. 

  • Makes both wet and dry formulas
  • High quality Australian ingredients used to replicate a Lorikeet's natural diet
  • Improves feather development and brain function
  • Natural sugars, blueberries, dates and bee pollen
  • Chicory root extract, strengthens immune and digestive systems

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