Trouble & Trix Litter Scoop w/ Handle



The Trouble and Trix Litter Scoop with Holder is a sturdy litter scoop and bucket kit designed to remove the stress from cleaning your cat’s litter box. This reliable scoop and holder kit allows you to easily sift and remove used litter clumps and pet mess from your cat’s tray, helping to maximise the number of uses of litter in your cat’s box. It also includes a handy holder to rest the scoop when not in use, minimising the risk of cross-contaminating households items and reducing spillage, odour, and dust. The key features of Trouble and Trix Litter Scoop with Holder are:

Durable polypropylene litter shovel and bucket.

5mm sieve scoop allows you to remove only soiled litter.

Maximises number of uses of litter by only sieving for clumps.

Easy to clean and store.

Scoop fits easily into the bucket to minimise the risk of spilling litter and to reduce dust and smell.

Litter scoop holder dimensions: 14.5 × 19 × 9.5cm.

Scoop dimensions: 36 × 12cm.


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