Stance Sandbuster 2kg.



  • Intestinal support for horses on sandy conditions 

SandBuster is designed to feed to horses exposed to dry or sandy conditions, where accumulation of sand may have occurred in the hindgut.  

SandBuster contains a blend of ingredients each selected because of their unique action on causing increased rate of passage, becoming gelatinous and supporting intestinal mucosa repair.   

Horses can graze very close to the ground, and when grazing on sandy soils, or fed in yards/stalls with a sandy floor, they can often inadvertently take in sand. Under most conditions this is not an issue, however under some circumstances due to the sand being heavy, it can accumulate in the hindgut and cause a blockage and abdominal pain. The movement of sand through the intestines depends on the rate of passage of the digesta (undigested food).  

Due to the ongoing drought conditions seen in most of Australia, the risk of sand colic and sand related blockages is increasing, as horses strive to find pasture to eat. Many horse owners feed hay on the ground (which is a healthy way for horses to eat as it mimics the natural grazing practice), but as the horse eats the last of the hay they often accidentally consume some of the dirt or sand that is underneath. 

The accumulation of sand can be exacerbated when the rate of passage is slow. 
What you can do: 

•    Provide hay or feed in feeders off the ground 
•    Avoid overgrazing if possible 
•    Feed a supplement that swells when added to water, and assists the clearance of sand in the faeces 

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