Stance Placid Rein



Placid Rein®

 Support normal body responses to stress in nervous and anxious horses

For behaviour problem management

Helps maintain calmness

Helps manage normal stress

May improve focus and attitude

What is Placid Rein?

Placid Rein is a unique powdered formula designed to support normal body responses to stress in horses and to help maintain a consistent attitude to work whether at home or away.


Placid Rein can be administered daily and long term for naturally highly strung or nervous horses. Alternatively, it may be used to help aid in pre-event nerves.


Symptoms of nervous horses

• Excessive sweating, even in moderate climates

• Loss of condition (especially when traveling)

• Refusal to eat or drink in different environments

• Excitable and difficult to manage


About the ingredients

Placid Rein contains high levels of B vitamins which support nervous system function.


Magnesium is included in several forms as magnesium has a role in many biochemical processes in the body. Magnesium may support normal neural function and behavioural reponses to stress.


Seaweed derived calcium is a rich source of magnesium and calcium.


Baikal skull cap, Tyrosine and Glutamic Acid  may support normal responses to anxiety.


Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a yeast prebiotic. 

Feeding Guide

Placid Rein should be introduced gradually into diet over a two week period. 

Split into two feeds (morning and night) where possible. 

Always provide access to clean water. 


1 scoop = 35g


Can be used as a daily supplement or five days prior to an event. 


Morning feed: 1 x scoop (35g)

Night feed: 1 x scoop (35g)


Recommended rate based on a 500kg horse


A propietary blend [B Vitamins, Magnesium sulphate, Magnesium proteinate, Tyrosine, Glutamic acid, Seaweed derived calcium, ß-glucans, Baikal skullcap, Diamond V Yeast XPC] 35g

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