SCF Eureka Perform & Recover - 20kg



Eureka Perform & Recover is an 'Oat' free feed scientifically designed specifically to help aid horses in a speedy recovery after a heavy work load. Eureka Perform & Recover has steam & flaked grains & legumes which helps to maximize the horses digestibility to better utilize the feed. With an added 'Live Protected Yeast' it is an ideal feed to help those performance horses that suffer from 'Tying Up' syndrome.

Feeding Guide


Light Work       1-3kg per day

Medium Work   2-4kg per day

Heavy Work     3-5kg per day

Heart Rate & Use of Proteins

Eureka Perform & Recover will aid in improved heart rate function creating better oxygenation in the blood increasing a horses heart rate. Eureka Perform & Recover will also aid in better detoxification for easier metabolism of the proteins.

Pre- & Pro- Biotics

Eureka Perform & Recover contains the latest technology in protected 'Live Yeasts' containing both Pre- & Pro-Biotics. The Live Yeast enhances fibre digestibility maintaining the hindgut PH within normal range, especially with grain feeds. Also improves microflora balance & reducing lactic acid in the caecum (gut), & improves feed utilisation, aids in recovery in athletes & reduces the effects of heat stress. 

Inflammatory Stress & Weight Loss

BioPak reduces inflammatory stress brought about from intensive training. It also aids in the reduction of weight loss during periods of intense activity which is detrimental to a young horses health. The benefit will be a direct result in improving fiber digestibility & feed utilisation.

Fortified Vitamins & Minerals

Eureka Perform & Recover contains high levels of omega enriched oils & chelated minerals & vitamins as well as both pre- & pro-biotics. Eureka Perform & Recover contains elevated levels of antioxidants, magnesium & B group vitamins to assist with the necessary recovery from vigorous exercise & fatigue..


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