SCF Equestrian Complete - 20kg



Equestrian Equestrian Complete is an 'Oat Free' complete feed for horses of all categories. As the name suggests Eureka Equestrian Complete is a 'Complete' muesli meal where no additional chaffs or grains are required.

Feeding Guide


Light Work        2-4kg per day

Medium Work    3-5kg per day

Heavy Work       4-8kg per day

Live Yeast

BioPak is a protected live yeast for improved microflora balance reducing lactic acid in the caecum creating a healthier environment.

Fortified Vitamins & Minerals

Eureka Equestrian Complete contains high levels of omega enriched oils & chelated minerals & vitamins. Eureka Cool Performance pellet contains balanced levels of minerals & vitamins to assist with the horses daily requirements.

Pre- & Pro- Biotics

Eureka Equestrian Complete contains the latest technology in protected 'Live Yeasts' containing both Pre- & Pro-Biotics. The Live Yeast enhances fibre digestibility maintaining the hindgut PH within normal range, especially with grain feeds. Also improves microflora balance & reducing lactic acid in the caecum (gut), & improves feed utilisation, aids in recovery in athletes & reduces the effects of heat stress. 


Eureka Equestrian Complete has Steam & Faked Barley, Maize & Lupins for added energy. Also Black Sunflower seeds for extra fibre & oil. Also having Oaten & Lucerne Chaff making it a user friendly complete feed.


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