SCF Eureka Cool Performance Pellet - 20kg



Eureka Cool Performance Pellet is a cool conditioning pellet designed to condition horses of all categories without the attributed “fizz” from grain feeding. Eureka Cool Performance is a highly palatable feed to help balance out a horses daily dietary requirements. It is suitable for horses in light to medium work or those that are just resting.

Horses in Work

For those in work Light Work 3-4kg per day, Medium Work 4-5kg per day. In sure horses have access to adequate roughage & fresh clean water.


Ideal for horses that are resting or training at light to medium intensity. Ideally for maintenance between 2-3kg per day. 

Fortified Vitamins & Minerals

Eureka Cool Performance pellet contains high levels of omega enriched oils & chelated minerals & vitamins. Eureka Cool Performance pellet contains balanced levels of minerals & vitamins to assist with the horses daily requirements.


Cooked cereal and protein meals for better maintenance.


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