RP Tomato And Herb Potting Mix 30L



With Rocky Point’s Tomato & Herb Potting Mix, you are not only getting great value for money, but also a quality organic* mix carefully crafted to produce big, juicy tomatoes and aromatic herbs.  


The rich compost will help to lock in moisture, and the composted cow and poultry manures will encourage soil microbes and improved nutrient uptake for healthier plants. 

Whether you are planting into containers, pots or planters, this organic* mix offers all the essential plant nutrients, excellent water holding capacity and added organic* matter to encourage microbial action. 

The addition of ActivGrow Fertiliser Pellets will give your plants a supercharged nutrient boost to produce big, juicy, healthy tomatoes. 


Benefits of Rocky Point Tomato & Herb Potting Mix:


A compost-rich mix specially formulated to grow tasty edibles. 

Blended with organic* fertilisers for a healthy harvest of tomatoes, herbs and other produce. 

Excellent moisture retention properties. 

Composted manures encourage microbial activity. 

Added zeolite and seaweed for strong nutrient uptake and plant health. 

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