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Chloral_Reset is efficient in fresh and salt water, Chloral_Reset is a water conditioner that quickly neutralizes chlorine an chloramines in regular tap water. Use Chloral_Reset when starting an aquarium an for water changes.

The water conditioner neutralizes and removes the chlorine compounds of tap water

Chloral_Reset will quickly render a chlorine or chloramine treated water usable for freshwater or saltwater aquarium

Reduces the fish’s stress

Protects gills and mucous membranes against external parasitic aggressions.

Ensures the best water quality

When should Chloral_Reset be used ?

When starting a fresh or salt water aquarium, use Chloral_Reset to prepare tap water

When doing a water change (change 1/3 of total volume each 15 days) use Chloral_Reset to prepare tap water

How to use Chloral_Reset ?

What volume ? What range ? What dosage ?

0 to 30 liters Nano 1 vial

31 to 60 liters Nano 2 vials

61 to 90 liters Nano 3 vials

91 to120 liters Nano 4 vials


30 to 60 liters Standard 1 vial

61 to 120 liters Standard 2 vials

121 to 180 liters Standard 3 vials


301 to 600 Pro 1 vial

601 to 1 200 Pro 2 vials

1 201 to 1 800 Pro 3 vials

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