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Nutrimol® is a liquid mineral supplement which contains the following fine and pure seaweed extracts   copper  zinc   magnesium chelates Nutrimol® contains over 60 essential trace elements, minerals and amino acids, with molasses added to increase palatability.

It is a nutritional package ideal for all animals including horses, sheep, beef, dairy, alpacas, lamas, ostriches, deer and poultry.



Mix 1L Nutrimol with every 15,000L of drinking water, continual use.


Nutrimol Nutritional Supplement is a liquid preparation suitable for increasing the mineral intake of livestock, in particular Copper, Zinc and Magnesium.  Nutrimol Nutritional Supplement is a combination of Maxicrop Seaweed Extract, Molasses, Copper-, Zinc- and Magnesium chelates. It is suitable for use when it is desired to increase the mineral and trace element intake of stock.


Directions For Use:

Administer Nutrimol at the recommended rates and timings. Rates are based on an average sized animal. Where a significantly larger or smaller animal is to be treated, administer on a pro-rata weight to dose basis For general use, where daily rates are not practical, administer fortnightly to improve animal health and monthly to maintain animal condition.


For more specific uses, administer Nutrimol to young animals during periods of rapid growth and/or physical stress. Likewise, with older stock, use Nutrimol at important reproductive or production stages of the year and for times of physical stress when adequate mineral intake is vital.


Nutrimol can be drenched, added to drinking water (trough systems) or poured over feed. Introduce Nutrimol to stock gradually.


When adding to a water trough, leave the water source turned on so that the Nutrimol dilutes with time. Add more Nutrimol when the required time interval has passed.


Shake well before use.


Nutrimol® will be of assistance when used in programs aimed at:


alleviating vitamin and mineral deficiencies, especially magnesium, iodine, selenium, copper and zinc

Increasing resistance to certain diseases, promoting better utilisation of feed

Reducing the incidence of scouring and birthing abnormalities

Improving coat quality and overall appearance

Assisting recovery from stress

Preparation for conception, pregnancy, birth, shows and sale

Get excellent results fast


Specifically formulated for Australian conditions, Nutrimol® is absorbed within hours and remains in the animal's system due to its chelate structure.


Sub-clinical problems can be quickly remedied, while improvements in general health and condition are usually noticeable in 3-7 days.


Dosing with  Nutrimol® ensures each animal receives the vitamins, minerals and trace elements that contribute to peak performance. More information on Nutrimol®

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