NRG Pro-tect - 250g





Physical barrier cream for topical application to animals


Key Benefits

• Easy to apply

• Contains Zinc, Sulphur & Natural Oils

• Stays on for days

• Repels water

• Formulae passed down by horse owners


Based on old Irish formulae passed down thru the generations of horse lovers as a means of helping protect horse’s legs from water and mud, NRG Pro-tect Barrier Cream is made from natural oils that assist in repelling water, especially in winter and wet or humid conditions. The cream is soft and easy to apply and, best of all, can stay on for many days at a time.


May we suggest you apply with minimum rubbing on to the lower heel and leg area, where horses may be standing or grazing in wet or muddy conditions.


When noticing some development of greasy heel or mud fever

• Clean the affected area with a suitable anti-bacterial wash

• Allow to dry

• Apply NRG Pro-tect Cream

• May we suggest from experience that you do not remove scabs as this often leaves skin open and more prone to infection


Note: We advise testing on a small area first to ensure there are no skin reactions.

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