MFM Kangaroo Cat Food 2.5kg



Even the fussiest cat will be meowing for more when you feed them Meals for Meows food.


Made right here in Australia, MFM super-premium dry food is loaded with all the vitamins, proteins and minerals your cat needs to thrive. Its gluten free, as well as sucrose and dairy free - a pure and simple holistic diet that’s designed to look after your cat’s total wellbeing.


Cats are powerless to resist the powers of MFM's Single Protein Kangaroo recipe! Made with real kangaroo meat, plus a host of other all-natural ingredients, this grain-free, gluten free recipe is loaded with health benefits for cats of all ages and breeds.




• Made in Australia

• Grain free, gluten free and hypoallergenic holistic recipe

• Dry food, suitable for cats of all ages and breeds

• Kangaroo is rich in iron and protein, and is a great choice for cats with allergies to other meats

• Loaded with Omega 3, 6 and 9 for a glossy coat and healthy skin

• Free from genetically modified ingredients

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