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Stabling, stress and high energy feeds can wreak havoc on a horse’s internal balance.  Horses can become troubled with twitchy, irritable behaviour, digestive pain due to gastrointestinal ulceration/ infection, pickiness or loss of appetite.

Zenolyte is a liquid nutritional blend, designed as a multi-functional nutritional tool for racing and performance horses.  It has been carefully formulated to provide a complement of botanical extracts, including licorice, peppermint and calendula – traditionally used to support gastrointestinal health and function, soothe fizzy behaviour, and maintain renal and adrenal health and balance.


Our Recipe for Less Stress and More Success:

Gastric Support – Licorice root extract is used to protect against gastric ulceration, by increasing the thickness of the protective lining of the stomach and GI tract. Peppermint is a soothing carminative, often taken post-meal to settle the stomach.

Digestive Support – Ginger improves digestion, by raising agni (ayurveda – digestive ‘fire’) – resulting in less rancid feed in the digestive tract, and gastointestinal issues brought on by excessive coldness in the GI tract. Calendula is used to heal damaged tissues, including the delicate gastrointestinal lining.

Antibacterial Support – Licorice and ginger are used to deactivate the h.pylori bacteria, thought to be a causative or co-factor of gastrointestinal ulceration.

Blood Sugar Support – Licorice and magnesium are used to improve blood sugar balance, reducing the incidence of sugar highs and associated behavioural imbalances.

Workout Support – Ginger, peppermint and magnesium provide post-exercise benefits in muscular recovery and electrolyte replacement, while magnesium aids workout potential by assisting in the generation of ATP.

Adrenal Support – Horses in hard work are at risk of adrenal fatigue (burnout). Licorice root is a prime adrenal supportive, tonic herb, used to keep adrenals functioning under pressure.

Stress Support – Horses in confined and changing environments can also suffer adrenal fatigue through the repeated activation of the sympathetic nervous system. Licorice and magnesium assist in managing stress through a combination of blood sugar moderation, adrenal gland support, hydration, and promotion of muscular relaxation. 

What’s Inside?

Zenolyte provides a number of botanical extracts, including calendula, ginger, licorice and peppermint. Zenolyte also provides a natural, readily bio-available source of magnesium (as chloride) – an essential mineral for numerous bodily processes, including healthy nerve and muscle function. Zenolyte is a source of naturally derived, highly bio-available vitamins, minerals, amino acids and plant polyphenols, which work holistically with your horse’s body systems, to help maintain internal balance, target problem areas, and improve and maintain overall health.

How Much Zenolyte Will my Horse Require?

Zenolyte is typically given at a rate of 5ml/100kg bodyweight, AM & PM, mixed in your horse’s hard feed or administered over the tongue prior to feeding.  While some horses may only require short-term usage (6-8 weeks), many horsepeople consider Zenolyte a valuable tool for assisting their horses right through racing prep, from their first weeks in the stable through to spelling. Providing Zenolyte daily may help your horse to extend their upward health trajectory toward peak fitness and performance potential, before the gravitational forces of fatigue and burnout set in to send your horse back to the spelling paddock.

FEI and Racing Australia Compliance – 

Zenolyte has been formulated in accordance with FEI cleansport guidelines, for uninterrupted use right up to and including  competition days, through most equestrian clubs and associations in Australia.  Zenolyte contains traces of menthol from peppermint, so racing horses will need to observe a 12 hour withholding period prior to racing.

Zenolyte is made in Australia by Medicine Tree Health & Performance, from only the highest quality, local and internationally sourced ingredients.

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