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Rejuve provides ultimate hydration and energy support for working horses, with a blend of electrolyte salts, plus a blend of botanical extracts which support renal health and function, rehydration and recovery from work.

Each 60ml serve of Rejuve typically provides:

Sodium – 2754mg

Potassium – 1573mg

Magnesium – 521mg

Rejuve provides a supportive botanical blend, including licorice, ginger, beetroot and calendula; herbs which have been traditionally used to support optimal renal health, adrenal heath, fluid balance, and recovery from strenuous work.

Usage & Rates:

Moderate Sweat – 12ml /100kg bodyweight, over the tongue or mixed in feed

Heavy Sweat – 18ml /100kg bodyweight, over the tongue or mixed in feed

Competition and Race Day Safe: 

Rejuve is formulated and manufactured in compliance with FEI Cleansport and Racing Australia guidelines, allowing for safe, uninterrupted use right through race or competition day.  Rejuve is low to negligible in cobalt, bicarbonate and salicylate-containing plant species, so does not pose any reasonable risk of elevating your horse’s blood or urine readings above legal thresholds.

Rejuve is made in Australia, by Medicine Tree Health & Performance, from only the highest quality, local and internationally sourced ingredients.

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