Medicine Tree D-Tox Biotoxin Support 2kg






D-Tox provides nutritional support for horses subject to the effects of various biological toxins, including toxic pastures and hays, and toxins in feed. D-Tox is formulated with a combination of high-grade, purity-tested, Australian sodium bentonite clay, activated charcoal powder, and a botanical blend, including flax, milk thistle, ginger and licorice; to provide comprehensive digestive system support, address biotoxin risks, and alleviate associated gastrointestinal and behavioural issues.


Consider D-Tox if Your Horse is:

Consuming ryegrass pastures or hays

At risk of consuming mould-affected fodder

Receiving grains, seeds or legumes containing phytic acid

Consuming protein-rich pastures or hays

At risk of mycotoxin exposure

Grazing vigorous spring pasture


Usage & Rates

D-Tox is recommended to be used at a rate of 10g/100kg bodyweight daily (approximately 20ml in volume), which can be split between am & pm feeds, or fed in one daily feed.  Your horse’s ideal requirement may be more or less than the recommended rate, depending on degree of toxin exposure or symptoms displayed.  We suggest commencing with the recommended rate, and adjusting to suit your horse’s condition.


Horse’s Bodyweight Usage Rate

300kg 30g (approx 60ml volume) daily

400kg 40g (approx 80ml volume) daily

500kg 50g (approx 100ml volume) daily

600kg 60g (approx 120ml volume) daily



Competition & Race Day Safe

D-Tox is free from any substances which are prohibited for use in racing horses, and in horses competing under FEI Cleansport guidelines, allowing for worry-free usage, and continuity of treatment right through racing or competition day.  D-Tox is a food-based blend, forming part of your horse’s regular daily diet.

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