Magic Tails Hair Hold - 250ml




Magictails® HairHold is a water-based formulation that has been designed to be used on dry hair or clean damp hair.


Sizes available:

250ml, 750ml & 5Litres


Water-based (Non flammable)

No Residue

No film built up

Non oily

Dries Invisible

Cosmetic grade ingredients

How to use


1. Divide the hair in the mane or tail into sections.

2. Spray a light film onto the section of hair you want to plait.

3. After plait completed can give another spray to set plait if needed.


1. This product can be used to give lift or scrunch curly hair.

2. Spray required amount evenly on damp or dry hair, use a blow dryer to create the desired style.

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