Huds & Toke - Pony Puddings




The Ultimate Soft Horse Treat - ideal for hiding medicine/pills - Check out our demo videos!!

Approx 40+ Delicious Puddings in each bag so they are great value.


Your Ponies will find these Irresistible.


Great for using as an aid for giving medicine or supplements by hiding a tablet or pill within the super soft delicious Pudding!


Also perfect as a stable treat for good behaviour, or for simply Treating your pony because you love them!!!  They will indeed love you back if you give these Horse Training Treats to them on a regular basis!


A Soft Muffin Style Horse Treat, Each Soft and Squishy hand crafted pudding contains Wheat, Oats and Fortified Flaxseed.


Fortified Flaxseed provides an excellent source of Omega 3's for Healthy Skin and Coat Shine.


Soft enough to hide medication inside and roll back into a yummy horse treat!!


These come in a resealable Pouch - to keep them soft please be sure to keep the bag closed as much as possible.


100% Australian Made.


Healthy and delicious. 




Ingredients - Whole Flour, Oats, Flaxseed, Cornstarch, Molasses, Salt.




Nutrients = per 100g


Energy (kJ) = 996.04


Protein (g)  = 4.60


Fat, Total (g) = 4.67


Fat, Saturated (g) = 0.55


Carbohydrate (g)  = 41.51


Sugars (g)    = 19.41


Sodium (mg) = 195.56

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