CEN Complete Electrolyte - 2kg



CEN Complete Electrolyte is a sugar and filler free complete electrolyte, balanced to match the proportion of electrolytes lost through sweat. Each serving provides rapid re-hydration through a concentrated high quality formula. It’s perfect to use before or after strenuous exercise or treatment. 


Excellent choice for all performance & pleasure horses.


CEN Complete Electrolyte provides your horse with the essential electrolytes in the proper ratios, to provide better performance by improving power and stamina.


Electrolytes are essential in maintaining the right amount of fluid in and around cells. They are involved in key roles throughout the horse’s body. Regulating heartbeat, muscle contraction, nerve pulse transmission and digestion are all assisted by the electrochemical processes of electrolytes. They also help to move fluids in and out of cells and aid in nutrient absorption. Without electrolytes, water cannot be properly retained and utilised by the horse’s body.


Not all electrolyte supplements are created equal. Many contain sugar and other fillers, which is not desirable. This is especially for horses with IR and other metabolic conditions.


Sugar is not required for optimal electrolyte absorption and may excessively dilute the more valuable ingredients needed. A horse does not require extra sugar or fillers especially when dehydrated, as they convert digestible fibre inside their body into glucose, glycogen and fat with the help of their beneficial gut microbes.


By providing your horse the necessary electrolytes lost in sweat from a quality product, this will ensure they have the necessary elements available to improve power, stamina and perform to their potential. 

CEN Complete Electrolyte allows for quick and efficient re-hydration by providing sodium, potassium, chloride, sulfate, magnesium, calcium and other trace minerals in a concentrated and economical product.  There’s no sugar added, nor are there any unnecessary fillers or flavours.  


Why pay for sugars, fillers or flavours when they’re unnecessary or perhaps can even detrimental to your horse’s performance!


Concentrated chloride levels and chelated minerals for improved absorption.

Made with high quality, food grade ingredients.






After Work/Training – 1 scoop (25g)


Hot Weather/Heavy Work – 1 scoop (25g) twice a day


Cool Weather/Heavy Work – 1 scoop (25g) immediately following training session


Hot Weather/Moderate to Heavy Work – 1 scoop (25g) per horse twice a day


Competition – 1 scoop (25g) within one to two hours prior to competition. Provide one scoop (25g) after competition. In addition offer fresh, untreated water and allow horses to consume as needed.

Important: When adding CEN Complete Electrolyte to drinking water, it is recommended that an additional bucket of fresh, untreated drinking water be provided. Allow the horse to consume water as needed. Do not restrict access to clean drinking water. Provide clean water available at all times.

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