Carbine Chemicals Carbalene



Carbalene is an oral mild diuretic & body acid neutralising solution for horses. Carbalene is for use as a buffering aid in acidosis, dehydration and tying up.


Active Constituents:


Each litre contains:


TriSodium Citrate Dihydrate 275g

Citric Acid Anhydrous: 34.375g


The buffering capacity of Carbalene helps to return the pH of blood and body fluids to normal levels.


Indications for Use:


Sweating, causing a loss of sodium ions and lowered pH (acidosis)

Dehydration where there is a loss of sodium ions as well as water

Reduced urine flow where a mild diuretic is desired

Tying Up when associated with excessive blood lactic acid levels.

Directions for Use:


Daily dose rates: As a daily routine, mix 60mL thoroughly into the feed or syringe directly into the horses mouth.  After travelling, trialling or competition an additional 60mL is recommended.


Important: An adequate supply of clean drinking water must be available during treatment.

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