Buggez Bugeyes.



Your horses comfort and protection is our number one priority.

We only use the best quality four way stretch Spandex which ensures that your mask will fit like a second skin making it impossible for flies and insects to crawl under the mask or bite through the spandex.


Why choose Bugeyes?

– Our unique pattern is anatomically shaped

– Adjustable elastic gullet to ensure the perfect fit

– Our eye mesh pleating system we use ensure our eyes maintain their shape.

– No straps that rub

– No Velcro to create pressure points

– Noseband for added strength

– Available in 11 sizes

– Hand crafted in Western Australia


Customise your Bugeye to your horse’s individual needs

Additional options (described below) can be added when using our online shop by clicking on the product image which will take you to the product page to select any additions.


– 3 eye mesh types (Ultimate UV, Super Tough and Insect)

– 3 ear protection options (Lycra/Spandex, 99% UV mesh or Insect mesh)

– 2 Nose protection options (Nose skirt for maximum coverage or Mesh Nose flap)

– Reinforced ears

– Forelock hole

Eye Mesh

Ultimate UV Mesh

A thick, tightly woven, highly durable mesh offering 90% UV protection.

This higher rated mesh is recommended to help with treatment of eye ulcers, lesions, scratches and Uveitis.

Horses sensitive to wind, dust and UV or have recurring weepy/gunky eyes will benefit greatly from using our Ultimate UV mesh.

This is perfect for horses requiring a higher UV blockout (sensitive eyes, skin, or both).

Super Tough Mesh

A polyester coated, UV stabilised mesh. This is the toughest insect mesh we could source. Ideally suited to horses and/or environments that are harsh on fly masks.

Insect Mesh

A fibreglass reinforced mesh rated at 74% UV protection. This is similar to the mesh found in household windows or a flyscreen door. Choose this mesh to keep flies and insects off your horse.

If your horses behaviour or environment is tough on flyveils, we highly recommend selecting a Bugeye with our Super Tough mesh

Ear Protection

Lycra Ears

This option is recommended if your horse requires maximum sun protection or has insect bites you are trying to heal. Lycra ears may also provide relief from Sweet Itch or those horses that are more sensitive to insect bites.

UV Mesh Ears

A thicker, tighter woven, more durable mesh offering 99% UV protection.

This is perfect for horses requiring a higher UV blockout (sensitive skin) or are tough on their flyveils.

Insect Mesh Ears

A fibreglass reinforced mesh rated at 74% UV protection. This provides protection from biting and annoying insects, whilst still allowing maximum airflow.

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