Bravecto Cat Plus



Convenient and reliable protection against fleas, paralysis ticks and heartworm plus intestinal worm+ and ear mites treatment

Life is simpler without the annoyance of fleas and the deadly threat of ticks and worms. Bravecto works fast and continues to protect against fleas for 3 months, paralysis ticks for 10 weeks and heartworm for 2 months, plus treats intestinal worms+ and ear mites. With one application it’s easy to keep your cat purring happily all year round.

Bravecto Plus Acts as:

Flea Protection and Treatment for 3 months

Tick Prevention and Treatment for 10 weeks

Preventive for newly emerged adult fleas

Heartworm Prevention and Control

Protection and Treatment against roundworm, hookworm and ear mites.


CONTRAINDICATIONS: Bravecto Plus must not be used in case of hypersensitivity to the active constituents or to any of the excipients.


PRECAUTIONS: Bravecto Plus should not be used on kittens less than 9 weeks of age or cats weighing less than 1.2 kg.


How to use Bravecto Plus for Cats (see product images for diagrams)



Remove Bravecto from its child-safe packaging.



Hold the tube straight up and give the cap one twist to break the seal. 

Please do not attempt to remove the cap as it does not come off.



Ensure the animal’s back is horizontal. 

Part the hair and apply directly to the skin.



Apply at the base of the skull to prevent licking.

For cats under 6.25kg: apply in one spot.

For cats over 6.25kg: apply in two spots.

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