Blue Planet Glass Aquarium 41x28x30 - 30l



Blue Planet Glass Aquarium 41x28x30cm 30L is a basic glass tank to help you provide your own natural environment for aquatic pets. This starter pack includes a 30 litre capacity aquarium complete with plastic lid and bevelled edges for safety and is suitable for creating a safe, clean, and habitable space for both fresh and marine water species. The key features of the Blue Planet Glass Aquarium 41x28x30cm 30L are:

High-quality glass aquarium suitable for a variety of fish and reptiles.

Includes 30 litre tank capacity.

Plastic lid included for easy access to the tank during cleaning.

Glass sides.

Quick and easy set-up is ideal for new starters.

Can be used for cold water and tropical fish as well as fresh and marine water fish.

Provides aquatic life with a comfortable and perfectly balanced environment in which to thrive.

Simply add your own lighting and decorative features to customise a home for your pet.

Water capacity of 30 litres.

Dimensions: 41cm L x 28cm W x 30cm H.

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