Blue Planet Betta Planter Black - 1l



Blue Planet Betta Planter Black 1L is a combined fish bowl and plant decoration perfect for accommodating small betta fish. This easy-to-set up starter pack including glass bowl, base, and plant holder can be arranged in minutes to provide your betta fish with a fun and stimulating environment and includes LED lighting with moonlight setting to offer an aesthetically pleasing and stylish home accessory. The key features of the Blue Planet Betta Planter Black 1L are:

Planter kit includes base, fish bowl, and plant pot allows you to customise your own tank.

Suitable home for small fish such as the Siamese Fighter fish.

Sturdy base ensures stability and prevents wobbling and toppling.

Durable glass bowl provides the perfect home to keep your pet fish safe and protected.

Simply add gravel and a leaf decoration to the plant holder to beautify.

Bright LED lighting with moonlight function for evenings.

Can be operated by battery or USB connection.

4-hour light timer.

Stylish and contemporary black finish.

Water capacity up to 1 litre.

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