Bellota Top Level Rasp - 14"



As a company, BELLOTA is a Manufacturer of Engineer & Sharpening Files, the third-largest in the world actually. As a result, BELLOTA is unique in our approaches to our Farrier Rasps, in both Performance and Range.




The BELLOTA Key Technical CORE COMPETENCE is in the Heat Treatments of Steel, coming from more than 100 years’ experience as a manufacturer of First Quality Forged Tools, and also as a Special Steels mill. BELLOTA´s superior understanding and mastering of STEEL METALLURGY is the Key Success Factor of our Hand Tools business in general, and Farrier Rasps in particular, based on our Products CUTTING Performance.




Most types of Files & Rasps come in 3 different Cut Grades: 1) Bastard, 2) Second Cut, and 3) Smooth. These are the official standard technical names.




For every size, by established International Standards, each has different teeth sizes and densities, etc., removes a different amount of material and leaves a different surface finish.




Our Bellota Product Strategy is based on offering to Professional Farriers:


3 distinctive Rasp cuts,


each combined with 2 different File cuts, one Smooth


a complete set of additional Specialty Rasps: Large sizes, Mini, Finish, Double-Enders, etc.




More specifically:




a. BASTARD or “Most Aggressive” – Razor(+) & Raptor(+), in Higher Grade steel. With a Higher Carbon contents, the special Bellota steel results harder after quenching, and the rasps lasts longer.


b. SECOND CUT or “Very Aggressive” - Top Sharp, featuring significant IMPROVEMENTS in production Quality and Consistency, resulting in PRO+ performance and durability.


c. SMOOTH or “Aggressive” - Top Level & Prime Level, in the very popular NEW FORMAT (10% wider and 10% thinner) offering the best PRO+ performance and durability.


The Bellota Top Level is slightly thinner and about 10% wider (approximately 1.95") than traditional Bellota styles. The 8 tooth rasp side pattern has an aggressive cut and an intermediate file side, similar to the Top Sharp.


• 315/5000

• New format: 10% wider and 10% thinner.

• Will give you a perfect balance and control of the rasp.

• The side of the rasp has a fine cut. It has 8 teeth to facilitate the cut.

• Ideal for cutting works.

• The side of the file is interlining for an efficient and excellent finish.

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