Bayer Coforta 100 - 100ml



Coforta 100 Injectable is a B12 and Phosphorous Solution.


Recommended for the supplementation of animals with phosphorus where it is apparent that such treatment would be beneficial to the animal's condition and where the simultaneous administration of Vitamin B12 is required.


Butaphosphan has an extremely low toxicity as evidenced by the intravenous LD50 in mice of 9600 mg/kg equivalent to 96mL of 10% solution per kilogram. Its physiological rather than pharmacological action accounts for its very low level of toxicity. Coforta does not stimulate the nervous system and its persistent beneficial effects are well documented. Vitamin B12 has been added to Coforta 10% for use where there is an indication for B12, e.g. stress, poor nutrition, etc


Product Benefits:

Powerful - Vitamin B12 assists virtually all metabolic processes.

Effective - The persistence of beneficial effects are well documented.

Convenient - No virilising effects.



Active Constituents: 100 mg/mL Butaphosphan 50µg/mL Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)

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