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Seresto for Medium and Large Dogs over 8kg


Seresto for Medium and Large Dogs is a collar that protects against fleas for 8 months, and ticks for 4 months.


Key Benefits:


Seresto provides long lasting protection against fleas and ticks. It also prevents the flea tapeworm, through its effective control of the host (the cat flea). Seresto also protects against the deadly tick-borne Ehrlichiosis protozoa through effective control of the host (the brown dog tick). Seresto does not protect against other intestinal worms, heartworm, or mites.

Usage Instructions:


Seresto is a collar that is fitted around the neck, providing 8 months of flea protection, and 4 months of tick prevention. The collar is 70cm long and can be cut to size. For best performance replace the collar on or around the same date every treatment month.




Suitable for dogs over the age of 7 weeks and weighing over 8kg.


Make sure the collar is neither too tight nor too loose, two fingers should fit between the collar and your dogs neck.


In tick season, daily searching for, and removal of any ticks found is recommended.


The safety of Seresto has not been evaluated for lactating or pregnant dogs.

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