All Fur You Dog Slow Feeder Bowl



All Fur You Slow Feeder Pet Bowl, Grey


All Fur You is a boutique brand, providing new and unique pet products - from bespoke designs to the carefully selected classics that pets love. All Fur You products are intelligent, innovative, functional and excellent value for money.


The Slow Feeder Pet Bowl is the perfect solution for keeping your furry friend entertained, occupied, and eating at a normal pace! Slow feeders are the vet-recommended option for preventing gulping of food, which can lead to painful bloat and digestive issues. Not only does this product promote healthy digestion, but it can help keep your fur baby entertained when theyre home alone! Add some entertainment to their mealtime by filling with food or treats, and watch as your pet exercises their mind to problem-solve and retrieve all the goodies within! Made from BPA-free plastics and a silicon base, all materials are food-grade, durable, and easy to clean.


Everything about this clever design is innovative. The design and construction of the wobbler bowl prevents overturning and spillage, plus a wobble bowl stimulates your pets natural instincts to play. The channel in the inner section adds an extra level of difficulty for your pet to reach each morsel of food.


Interactive slow feeder bowl

Prevents gulping food and consequential bloat

Adds entertainment to mealtime

Made from food grade materials including BPA-free plastics and a silicon base

Helps keep your pup occupied when home alone

Durable and easy to clean

Product Dimensions: 174mm x 140mm - Weight 500g

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