Abbey Labs AbbeyShield Spray On Bandage - 283g



Convenient and water-resistant aerosal bandage used as a protectice barrier against external irritant in simple wounds (minor cuts and abrasions) in small and large animals



Spray it on and it stays!

The Water Resistant Aerosol Bandage

What is AbbeyShield™?

AbbeyShield™ is a convenient, water-resistant aerosol bandage that 

creates a protective barrier against external irritants in simple wounds of 

small and large animals. AbbeyShield™ is ideal for application to minor 

cuts and abrasions.

Water Resistant

AbbeyShield™ contains a proprietary carrier that causes the active 

wound-protective formula to adhere to the skin without washing off in hot 

or cold water. AbbeyShield™ can be easily removed with soapy water to 

inspect the wound. The usual reapplication of AbbeyShield™ is daily to 

every three days to ensure that an optimal bacterial barrier is maintained.

Essential to Wound Recovery

AbbeyShield™ allows the wound to breathe, aiding wound healing. 

AbbeyShield™ may also be applied over ointment or creams.


AbbeyShield™ may be used safely on superficial wounds for protection 

against bacterial contamination. AbbeyShield™ does not contain sulfa or 

other antibiotics, making it permissible to use on food producing animals.

AbbeyShield™ is 

great for

• Dehorning / disbudding

• Castrating

• Summer sores

• Minor cuts and scrapes


• No antibiotic residues

• Fast and easy spray application

• Allows the wound to breathe

• Reduces the risk of infection

• Protection without pain

• Exceptional adhesion

• Removable with soap

• Essential to all first aid kits

• Useful in both small and large animals

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