4CYTE Equine Epiitalis Forte 250ml




4CYTE™ EPIITALIS® FORTE is safe to take long-term. By providing targeted nutrition, it  can be used to:


Help maintain suppleness to jump, canter or gallop.

Provide nutritional support after a joint injury or surgery.

Help maintain healthy joints at any stage of life.

Maintain healthy joints in high-performance horses.



  • Targeted nutrition.
  • Simple, non-invasive application.
  • Non-swabbable.
  • Small, cost-effective, once-daily dosing.
  • Surgeon and veterinarian endorsed.
  • Has undergone in-vitro, in-vivo and clinical studies.
  • Highly palatable.

Feeding Guide:

The following rates are recommended for a 600kg horse:

Loading dose: Start on 8ml per day for 14 days

Maintenance dose: After 14 days, reduce to 4ml per day. Dosage can be varied based on weight of animal and state of joint function.

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