At Murrumbidgee Rural and Feed Supplies, we offer a range of services to those in the Riverina district including paddock cleaning, paddock slashing and stable cleaning and bedding refill. 

Whether you’re going away for the week, or simply need an extra helping hand, our experienced staff members are ready to help. If you would like any more info on the below services, or to book in a service, please get in touch on (02) 6953 2935.  

Paddock Cleaning

Do you need a hand to keep your horse paddocks clean? At Murrumbidgee Rural and Feed Supplies, our paddock cleaning services can help you maintain the health of your horses and other animals, and minimise the risk of parasites. Many vets recommend regular paddock cleaning to keep the risk of worms down.

Paddock Cleaning

Exposing your animals to minimal manure can help eliminate parasites, and it encourages your animals to graze on the whole paddock rather than selective grazing.  

Our friendly and professional team are here to help you keep your paddocks clean. Call (02) 6953 2935 to book your regular paddock cleaning services. 

Paddock Slashing

Many homes in the Riverina sit on a decent parcel of land which often needs slashing to keep the grass under control and keep farm animals healthy and safe. In paddocks where there is too much pasture, there is an increased chance of laminitis - by reducing the bulk of the grass, you’re reducing the chances of your horse becoming too overweight. 

Our team can also assist with slashing for fire breaks and fire season preparation. Paddocks are a big fire hazard, particularly once they dry out. It is important to slash the grass and any scrub under the trees well before fire season begins to provide extra protection to your home and property. 

Paddock slashing is also beneficial when you need to control noxious weeds. Slashing stops the grass going to seed, and spreading throughout your paddocks. 

If you need more information on our paddock slashing services, call our friendly team to see what we can do for you.  

Stable Cleaning and Bedding Refilling 

Stable Cleaning

Are your horses stabled for part of their day? If so, you’ll need regular stable cleaning and bedding refilling to keep a healthy home for your horse. Dirty stables can lead to being overrun by insects, as well as encouraging hoof problems like thrush. It is also unhealthy for your horse to be breathing in ammonia from bedding that has been saturated in urine. Not only that, it is unpleasant for you to work in as well.

Stable cleaning should be done daily however if it has been a while, our experienced team can get your stables back to optimum health for you with a deep cleaning service. 

Once clean, we then add a fresh layer of bedding using your preferred option and at the optimal thickness, and fluff it ready for your horse to rest. 

If you’d like to book in a stable clean and bedding refill, book with our friendly team on (02) 6953 2935.