We believe that you, our core customer base, believes and trusts our advice. It is our mission to make you always feel that we have you and your animal’s best interests at heart. If you ever feel that we are just looking for a sale, then we are off track and we want you to tell us about it.

Visit us and you will see how we are revolutionising the country retail experience with a fresh perspective and shaking up what is on offer.
Did you know that the main topic that we receive most questions about is to do with feed and equine soundness? Talk to us about this area as customers often tell us that they believe we have a significant advantage here. Feel free to discuss issues like gut and intestinal issues, metabolic energy conversion, top line condition along with joint and ligament soundness.

Sadly, there is such a lack of information, and a lot of misinformation out there. The same as humans, companies position their products as a one size fits all silver bullet to the particular issue. This is generally the case but not always the solution.
One of our philosophies is to research, examine and summarise the abundant but sometimes misunderstood material that is available without offering veterinary advice. We both know that this is a thin line that must not be crossed. Buy from us and you will get both confidence AND competence. Think of us as one of your trusted advisers.

We now build profiles for our customers. With 90% of our customers making purchases that directly related to their animals, we also build profiles on pets or performance animals. We will be able to provide a purchase history against each animal and store notes against any treatments along with the outcomes. Similar to your vet but with follow ups.